The Book Awards

The Book Awards is opening its doors to all professionals in the publishing industry!

For several years The Book Awards ( has recognised authors with both monthly and annual awards voted for by fans. For the first time, the awards are now being extended to others in the industry.

An annual award will be granted to editors, copywriters, cover designers, reviewers, in fact any professional who provides a valuable service to the publishing industry. This may be an individual, partnership or company.

The process will mirror the existing awards, with nominations and voting open to anyone at no charge. Winners will be publicised on the site, which currently attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Of particular interest to service professionals will be the large number of indie and self publishing authors visiting the site. Watch out for the changes coming to this site soon with nomination and voting pages.

The Author Services Network will also commence listing other professionals and links to this site will be displayed at The Book Awards.

Over the coming months a new website is being developed to reflect the synergy between Acclaimed Books Ltd, The Author Services Network, and The Book Awards.

Watch this space!