Submit Your Manuscript

Your Manuscript is Complete

You’ve spent months on it right?

You think it’s pretty good and the friends and family you’ve asked agree with you.

You’re ready to approach a publisher, maybe our parent company Acclaimed Books Limited, maybe another.

But there’s a niggling doubt. You know that once it’s sent, you won’t get a second chance if they reject it and you’re not sure if your loving family and friends are being a bit too kind and uncritical. How can you test the water without fully jumping in?

Well here is the good news, you can do just that right here, right now, and it won’t cost you a bean.

Sounding Board will place your manuscript in front of potential book buyers who are happy to read and hopefully review your work. They give suggestions for improvements, they may just agree that’s it’s fine just as it is, and they may say it’s a masterpiece! Whatever they do say, you can use it, ignore it, or quote it when you submit to a publisher or market the finished work.

You may even get pre-release orders and from the moment your story appears on our site, nobody can claim they thought of it first without providing evidence!

You will need a PDF file of your manuscript to submit to Sounding Board. There are various free ‘PDF makers’ if you don’t have one already – simply Google ‘pdf maker’.

So whether you are here because you’ve already submitted or wish to submit your manuscript to Acclaimed Books, or because you just want to test the water and garner some helpful reviews, go ahead and submit!

Your Manuscript is Incomplete

Perhaps you have produced one or more chapters, perhaps you are still at the concept stage but you want to test the water. Don’t worry, you won’t be the first writer to have doubts especially if your creative mind has produced a highly original idea.

But will others agree and will book lovers actually buy what you are about to devote many hours to produce? There’s one very good way to find out – make a PDF and submit it!

Click here to go to the submission form – the password to frustrate spammers is the month of the year that changes each leap year (all in lower case)!