All For One Guinea

His Majesty’s ship Calliope, a fifth rated frigate, appeared to be a well found ship. She had to be to survive the force of the storm. If only the same could be said of her crew, though it wasn’t the ordinary seamen that gave Charlotte cause for concern. They all appeared to know their business. Her conflict was with the officers, Captain Scuthern, for his superior, condescending attitude and Major Tristan Percival for his unwanted assumption that she found him in any way attractive.

Charlotte Berry is a strong female character who doesn’t need a man coming to her rescue, so this could be described as a feminist action romance. The name Charlotte Berry, comes from an old Penny Dreadful story about a female pirate named, Charlotte de Berry. There are no other similarities.

While this story is fiction, the idea for the location of Priest’s rebellion lies in the Battle of Campeche, 1843, and the Caste War in the Yucatan of 1847.