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When he announced the end of our marriage, it was as if a nuclear bomb had gone off in our family. That was five years ago, and we were all scarred by it. He with his guilt; me with my loss; our children with their confusion. I didn’t find out for many years how much he had suffered. Our tacit silence in the early days kept our feelings of alienation from the world a secret from us both. He felt alone. That was that; there was no reason. Enough questions; he wouldn’t play the game any more. ……….My birthday today. Forty-nine years old and have now officially given up on romance. Am going to try self-pity on to see if it suits me. Then join a nunnery. If my cunning plan doesn’t work, that is. Will tell you more details when I have the confidence to share my risk-taking behaviour with anyone other than a counsellor. Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while. Big things going on for me. Big decisions. My two big kids have just moved out of home into flats of their own, little Sophie spends half the week with her Dad. Time for me to move on. Couldn’t quite bring myself to write it all down for fear of inviting criticism/reality check/derision….i.e. 16 stuff I don’t want to hear! Basically, I’ve done it again: acted before thinking, opened mouth before putting brain into gear. Only this time I haven’t changed my mind. Yet.


Divorce, career kaputt, and a house move!  Three of life’s most scary situations hit Rachael as she’s entering her forties, and she’s now nervously facing a very different future from the one she signed up for. Her response? Run away! Flinging off convention, she plans a wild, exciting and challenging adventure, heading to the East in search of the meaning of her life. But she has teenage children, and to leave them behind is unthinkable. Her ex has a few words to say about her plans, too: will he scupper her dream? Come along for the ride with Rachael and her family as they stumble through weird encounters, meeting quirky and often downright peculiar characters on their travels.

More2Life is a light-hearted look at family relationships when tested in unfamiliar environments.


  1. Women´s Fiction: Family Life/Divorce/Parenting and Families
  2. Travel Fiction

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