Working title: The Guernsey Donkey

Just minutes away from their destination, the aircraft’s engine began to splutter and cough and as the last droplets of aviation fuel were consumed, its roar finally extinguished. Now, with only the sound of the wind cascading over the aircraft’s wings, the Lysander glided eerily over occupied France. The moonlight cast a fleeting shadow of its approach on the countryside below as the scale of every feature marked their descent and the ground sped ominously towards them.

The Sky over Occupied Brittany, June 1943

A young airman from the island of Guernsey is forced to abandon his aircraft and find refuge amongst the French resistance in Brittany. Fleeing his enemy, he attempts to find his way back to Guernsey which, although occupied, still offers his best chance of freedom.

Whilst physically uninjured, he is nevertheless badly wounded and the scars of his experience weigh heavily on his mind as he struggles to find the motivation to survive the dangers that threaten to engulf him.

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