The Tour Guide Life

Flying low over Costa Rica’s highlands, we look down on green jungle dotted with single story wooden dwellings with corrugated iron roofs. A twenty-minute taxi ride takes us from San Jose airport to my friend Ros’s coffee farm, where we step out into the glorious scent of jasmine and looked over to the horizon where volcanoes rose up, silhouetted against a grey sky.

The world of the Tour Guide leader explained and described by one of the most experienced in the business. Maureen Moss takes you through joys and challenges of leading a group of travellers to some of the most exotic locations in the world.

How do you keep your customers happy when they can be a diverse bunch of people? How do you keep them together when they wander off to take in the sights? These questions and many others confront the leaders every day in parts of the world that throw up their own unique challenges.

If you want to find out if this is the life for you – read on!

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  1. I must declare first that I am Maureen Moss’s brother so, of course, I’m biased!

    However, I’m also one of the few people these days who doesn’t relish travelling the world (unless it’s by sea) and I doubt I would ever be induced to go on a guided tour. At least that’s what I thought before reading my sister’s book. It isn’t written for people like me, the target audience is travellers and in particular travellers who are considering taking up the role of a tour guide. ‘The Tour Guide Life’ is undoubtedly required reading for any such person, packed as it is with the essence of what it feels like to take responsibility for the well-being and enjoyment of a diverse group of human beings who have paid good money to place their trust in you.

    Not only is this book well written and garnished with essential details that, if you are like me, probably never occured to you before reading it but the book conveys the enjoyment of the role in a way that I certainly hadn’t considered. It is actually made me feel like putting on my walking boots, raising my metaphorical umbrella, and commanding ‘follow me’ to a flock of nervous and excited trippers. Believe me, that’s an accomplishment!

    ‘The Life of a Tour Guide’ doesn’t end on the final page, unless you (and this would surprise me) decide to end your journey there. It can become the first step on a path that takes you through an accredited online course to a career travelling to the most exotic locations the world. I won’t try to be too sophisticated in describing what that might be like – it just sounds like a lot of fun!

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