Free Listing in International Directory

International Listing Service

The Author Services Network places your contact details in front of authors at no cost to you.

Authors may require editing, proofreading, cover designing or book promotion services. We offer all of these services as part of our Shared Risk, Shared Reward Publishing (SRSR) model but some authors may prefer a DIY approach with your help.

When completing our ‘Sign up’ form, you can decide if you would like to join our team of SRSR professionals, or simply go for a free listing. Please note, that if you say yes to joining our SRSR team, you will still need to complete the Agreement on our Literary Profesionals page; here.


From time to time, proofreaders and editors may request to become accredited by The Author Services Network. This requires a short test of your skills and, if successful, your profile will be upgraded to show the enhanced status.

How to apply to be listed ?

Simply fill in the form on our ‘Sign up’ page and your details will be listed.

Entries will be listed in order of the country with which you wish to identify. For example, if you are a British national living overseas in Hong Kong, you may wish to be listed under the United Kingdom. Please also take note of the other entries, such as “England’ instead of ‘United Kingdom’, for example, will not be listed alongside the United Kingdom entries.

A reply will be sent to the email address that you specify containing a link where you can add further details, or amend them later. Please ensure you keep this link somewhere safe as it will provide you exclusive access to your details.

Please note that all entries will be checked and those that are deemed unsuitable will be removed at the sole discretion of The Author Services Network.