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Shared Risk, Shared Reward Publishing

If you would like to offer your skills to authors as part of a professional team of independent Agents, read on.

Some indie titles fail because they just aren’t any good, some because they don’t appeal to a large enough audience, most because they lack the support of professionals.

Unlike the mainstream publishing houses, many indie authors have insufficient funds to invest in all of the disciplines necessary for success, whether that be editing, proofreading, cover design, book promotion, or a combination of these. Yet, despite the quality of the story, all of these are required for commercial success.

Our team provides of all the disciplines necessary to take an author’s book from manuscript to publication and beyond, thereby dramatically improving the chances of commercial success.

We don’t charge an up-front fee to the author, and we won’t accept every submission, but those deemed to have the potential for commercial success will be polished, presented, and promoted by our team for a share in the royalty revenue over three years. This is an opportunity to generate a recurring revenue stream, but it is also a risk, as there is no guaranteed fee, and, despite all of our best judgements, a book could flop. However, no one is compelled to participate with any title.

In addition to the technical skills, we include a book-marketing and promotion service.   Our team of professionals decide at what level of financial return they wish to participate with any given title and, if there is sufficient interest and the author accepts the terms, it’s full speed ahead.

Typically, the editor will receive around 20% of the royalties if full ‘technical’ and ‘content’ editing is carried out by the same person. The proofreader and cover designers can expect around 7.5% each, and the person who assists with promotion will receive around 10%.

To protect the interests of each author, we offer a ‘get out’ clause, allowing them to terminate their Publishing Agreement if certain agreed Performance Targets aren’t achieved for their publication. These include a maximum number of continuity errors (usually 3),  spelling, gammar, punctuation and formatting errors (usually 5), and minimum sales over the first six months, twelve months, and eighteen months (usually 50, 500, and 1500 respectively).

We provide full guidance on what is required in each of the disciplines as well as defining our own ‘house style’.

If you would like to join our Shared Risk, Shared Reward (SRSR) publishing team, it’s easy. Just follow these steps:

1) Download our Agent Agreement here.

2) Open the Agreement PDF using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Please ensure you use only official Adobe software and the latest release.  If you don’t have this installed or you aren’t sure if you have, download the latest version free of charge from Adobe here: If you use the Firefox browser you see have the option to ‘Open With a Different Viewer’ in the top right of your screen, select this and open using the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

3) If you are happy with the content of the Agreement, follow the prompts to enter your details, sign it, and submit the Agreement to the email address provided.

Start by entering your name in the first paragraph. Press the ‘tab’ key, or use your mouse, to go to the Agreement date field. The date must conform to the following format: dd/mm/yyyy (hovering your mouse over the field will also advise you), so 1st March 2016 would be 01/03/2016. Please take care not to enter the month first!

Tab or move your mouse on to the page with the signature block, and enter these details:

Certain fields must be completed, and others depend upon your choices, for example, your selected payment method and whether or not the information is needed. If you opt for payment by bank transfer, you can get details of your SWIFTBIC and IBAN codes from your bank. As certain currencies require an IBAN rather than a domestic account number, it’s better to use this if you are able. You do not need to enter any bank details if you select PayPal as your payment method. Please note that any currency-conversion charges or other bank or PayPal charges will be automatically deducted from your payments, so you might you want to investigate which is the cheapest option. Payments monthly but, upon request, they can be accumulated payments to minimise charges.

When you have entered your details, sign your document digitally. If you already have a stored digital signature, you will be able to use it, otherwise you can create one.

Finally,  Send the Form using the email option at the top left of the Adobe screen, above your Agreement, and send it to

A counter-signed copy will be returned to you by email.

4) With professional Agents in numerous time zones and lots to discuss, the most effective way to communicate is by using an online Forum. We also use the Forum to discuss submissions and assign work, so it’s an important part of our operation. When your Agreement is received, you will be registered in our Forum and an email will be sent to you to confirm this. Then, it’s up to you to turn up and say ‘hello’ to the other members in the ‘Welcome’ topic!

5) Finally, having joined the SRSR team, you can still enter your details, free of charge, in our international directory of professionals. Just click here, and be sure to select the SRSR option.

If you there is anything you don’t understand, please contact us: here

We will look forward to welcoming you on board!