At present we are short of promotional agents for our Shared Risk, Shared Reward publishing program and have sadly therefore decided to close to new submissions until further agents come forward.


Shared Risk, Shared Reward Publishing

This new business model provides all writers with the means to produce a professionally edited, proofread, and designed publication. It also offers the unique opportunity to increase the probability of success by including professional book-marketing services.

For many years, the traditional model of book publishing has offered a full range of services to a relatively small number of authors. However, in recent times, the explosion in submissions to these publishing houses has resulted in a much-reduced chance of an emerging author surviving their ‘slush piles’ and becoming published. In addition, the popularity of celebrity books and the rapid growth of self-publishing, have made it even harder for commercial success to be realised by all but a few.

Until now, the options to authors who aspire to sell their work have been either to persevere down the traditional path, self-publish on their own, or self-publish with the assistance of a third-party organisation. I’ve already mentioned the traditional route. But what about the two self-publishing options?

‘Do it yourself’ is fine if you possess all of the required skills to edit and proofread your work, design an excellent cover, and formulate a marketing plan to promote your book in a fiercely competitive marketplace. There are very few people who possess all of these skills and very many who delude themselves.

Third-party assisted self-publishing is also fine if you can avoid the vanity publishers who attempt to assure everyone that they will be a best-selling author and if you can afford to pay the up-front fees of those few organisations that provide an honest service.

Why is ‘shared risk, shared reward’ a better option?

To answer this question, it is first important to consider why any professional would devote many hours of work to improving or promoting a book with no guaranteed return on that investment of their time.

Their reward doesn’t come from fees paid by the author – it comes from the commercial success of your book.

As with the traditional model, not all titles will be accepted. Only those considered by our team of professionals to have a reasonable chance of commercial success will be offered a publishing contract.  What this tells you is that they are prepared to share the risk with you, if you are prepared to share the rewards with them, at least for the initial three year contract term.

This model is the logical progression from traditional and self-publishing. To submit your title, please send a synopsis (you decide the length), the first chapter, and any information that you feel may allow our professionals to assess the manuscript and its market potential. Please send these as three individual Microsoft Word documents using the following naming conventions:
BookTitle synopsis
BookTitle 1st chapter
BookTitle anyotherinfo

For example:
Rebecca synopsis.doc
Rebecca 1st chapter.doc
Rebecca anyotherinfo.doc

We will consider all genres but reserve the right to refuse any work that we consider inappropriate for a general audience. Please send this by email to:

If your work is accepted by our team, we will advise you by email. Then, just follow the steps below:

1) Download our Author Agreement here: SRSR Author Agreement

2) Open the Agreement PDF using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Please ensure you use only official Adobe software and the latest release.  If you don’t have this installed or you aren’t sure if you have, download the latest version free of charge from Adobe here: If you use the Firefox browser you see have the option to ‘Open With a Different Viewer’ in the top right of your screen, select this and open using the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

3) If you are happy with the content of the Agreement, follow the prompts to enter your details, sign it and submit the Agreement to the email address provided.

Start by entering your name in the first paragraph. Press the ‘tab’ key or use your mouse to go to the Agreement date field. The date must conform to the following format: dd/mm/yyyy (hovering your mouse over the field will also advise you), so 1st March 2016 would be 01/03/2016. Please take care not to enter the month first! Next, enter the title of your book and a short description of your story in the fields provided. You may use one or both of the Description fields.

Tab or move your mouse on to the page with the signature block, and enter these details:

Certain fields must be completed, and others depend upon your choices, for example your selected payment method and whether or not the information is needed. If you opt for payment by bank transfer, you can get details of your SWIFTBIC and IBAN codes from your bank. As certain currencies require an IBAN rather than a domestic account number, it’s better to use this if you are able. You do not need to enter any bank details if you select PayPal as your payment method. Please note that any currency-conversion charges or other bank or PayPal charges will be automatically deducted from your payments, so you might want to investigate which is the cheapest option. Payments are usually made monthly but, upon request, they can be accumulated to minimise any charges.

When you have entered your details, sign your document digitally. If you already have a stored digital signature, you will be able to use it, otherwise you can create one.

Finally,  Send the Form using the email option at the top left of the Adobe screen, above your Agreement, and send it to

A counter-signed copy will be returned to you by email.

4) With authors in numerous time zones and lots to discuss, the most effective way to communicate is by using an online Forum. We also use the Forum to discuss the publication process once it’s underway, so it’s an important part of our operation. When your Agreement is received, you will be registered in our Forum and an email will be sent to you to confirm this. Then it’s up to you to turn up and say ‘hello’ to the other members in the ‘Welcome’ topic!

If you don’t wish to publish with Acclaimed Books and prefer to simply utilise one or more of our experts, read on!

Self-Publishing with a team of experts

Would you like to ensure that your manuscript is as good as it can be prior to publication? Or that your important business proposal isn’t full of embarrassing gaffes?

The Author Services Network

The Author Services Network exists to put you in touch with experts* located around the world who can add that professional finish to your hard work. You may want someone who lives nearby or someone located within the region where you intend to publish. Either way, we have a large and growing team from which to choose.

*Look for those who have been accredited by The Author Services Network on our list here!


Whilst accredited editors and proofreaders have successfully completed skills tests administrated by The Author Services Network, the network cannot be held responsible or warrant the work of these or any of the professionals listed on The Author Services Network website.

If you have a question, please get in touch using the form below.