Sounding Board Launched!

We can all benefit from a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to getting feedback on our work before we submit it to publishers or self-publish.

Sounding Board is designed to provide just such help. You can upload one or more chapters or the entire book, you can even upload a story concept to get valuable feedback and reviews. Readers are asked to give honest, constructive praise or criticism that you can take on board or ignore but given that it may just make the difference between  rejection and success, it would be prudent to carefully consider their feedback.

Manuscripts are described to our readeers as unedited, there are no expectations that they will be free of typos and we explain that the editing process is intended to take place after their feedback is given. There are no charges to you or the readers for this service and any positive comments can be used in subsequent promotional material if you wish.

Your manuscript should be submitted as a PDF file to Sounding Board here.