Concentrate on creativity

The most creative writers are seldom the most grammatically accurate.

Even those who do possess the necessary skills often miss errors in their own work.

The Author Services Network is available to help you focus your attention on creating superb content. There are approximately 100 experts, many of whom are accredited by the network, based all around the world.

Whether you wish to engage an individual editor for the entire manuscript or utilise the innovative ‘crowd sourced’ proofreading service, the network is ready to assist. To locate your nearest expert, click the ‘Search for Professionals’ tab above.

A Fresh Approach to a Frustrating Dilemma

You have devoted many hours to your manuscript and you are desperate to see positive reviews when it is published.

Whilst your creative talents aren’t concerning you, you know there will be errors in your work. Even best sellers often have them. But you can’t be sure of how many there will be. A few and you’ll probably be forgiven, a raft and the reviewers will pour cold water all over your attempts to find customers.

The dilemma?

Where can you find a reliable editing or proofreading service that won’t break the bank?

Fortunately, you’ve found it.

The Most Cost Effective Proofreading on the Planet!

OK you can write and your basic grammar is fine but can you spot all those annoying typos?

A brand new service for authors like you is being launched today!

Avoid the embarrassment of negative reviews, by placing the fruits of your labour in the hands of our expert proofreaders and editors before going public. Brought to you by ‘not for profit’ publisher Acclaimed Books Limited, The Author Services Network has driven costs down and quality up by utilising crowd sourcing techniques. This innovative approach ensures that every proofreading project is scrutinised by three independent pairs of eyes whilst maintaining the continuity of a single expert throughout Editing.

To find out more and request a free quotation, visit our Authors page on the link above.